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    Afgesloten Hof

    Beautiful Place

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    Beloved Daughter

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    Bride of Christ

    Daughter of Christ

    Deserted Place

    Desolate Place

    God's garden

    Holy Place


    Lonely PLace

    Lovely Garden


    Resting Place

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    Prince of Peace


    Tuin van God






There is Rest in my arms of love, there is peace in my arms of love.
My lost and lonely ones come run into your Fathers arms. I see those tears in your eyes I hear your cries in the night. My heart is moved with compassion for you my child. You have been away from the fold and you want to come home to me. Yet; you have thought perhaps I would not receive you again to myself. Take one step towards me and I will run to you my child. I will hold you close to my heart.
I will heal the years, that all the canker worms has destroyed, I will restore you unto myself; Jesus your Lord and Savior.
Do not listen to the enemy who says to you that you have gone to far down that you can’t come back to me. I am a loving God, a forgiving God, and a restoring God. It is my nature to forgive, and restore, heal, and reconcile.
Come Home to me my heart is broken for you I long after you.
You are mine and I am yours I have never forgotten you. My child you may feel lost, but I know right where you are. You feel lost and lonely your heart has been broken; into many pieces only the fragments remain. Listen my child come home to me and I will put it all back together for you.
I think of you all the time, continually you are in my thoughts. I know the thoughts I think towards you. Thoughts to bless you continually; thoughts to bless you beyond measure.
In My Fathers house there are many mansions, and there is room for you there. Come home my sons, my daughters, I have a robe of purest white for you. I will place a ring upon your finger and a crown upon your head. Do not listen to the negative words of those who are trying to hold you back. Come Home now the days are short, the last hour is upon you.
Come quickly run to me before it is to late.
I am coming soon the time is now. The only one who is keeping you from me is your self. My arms are wide-open ready to receive you my child. Open your eyes of faith my child and you will see me standing in shadows of your life. The clouds are gathering the storm is fast approaching run, into the rock of ages and you will be safe with me forever more.
Look up my child your Redeemer draws nigh, I am even at the door.
Open the door and I will come in and have fellowship with you.
Remember your Lord the one who will always love you. People have failed you time, and time again. I have not failed you my beloved; I am always near only breath away.
Come home to your Father come home today.
I love You! I am your redeemer now and always.
Love, Jesus


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